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Testimonianze di chi ci ha incontrato personalmente. Sensazioni, emozioni, commenti... in piena libertà :-)
Uno stimolo in più anche per noi, per crescere, per migliorarci.

  • Alberto Pucci

    Hi everybody,
    I’m Alberto and I’m 41 years old.
    I’m coming to this school because I need to speak English for my job.
    I’ve been here since 23rd February and I found a great school with fantastic teachers, all kind to me and with a lot of patience.

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  • Stefano Marini

    Hi, I’m Stefano and I am a management engineer.
    Due to my job, it's very important to me to improve my English. For this reason, I decided to enrol at an English school last year. I chose “The Globe Academy” because I can decide when to have a lesson or when to study English in the Study Room.
    Another important and useful activity is the "Coin Activity", that is a particular group lesson where everyone can improve the grammar, the speaking ,the writing, the listening and the reading skills. Moreover, the periodic checks allow you to evaluate the constant progress.

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  • Manuel Marcelli

    Hi Everybody,
    I’m studying English because I know it’s important for my University career and also for my future job. I’ve been studying at the Globe Academy for over a year and I enjoy it. The staff is very nice, and you can feel at home.
    When I started this intensive course I was an Elementary student and now I’m an Intermediate one and I hope to become an Upper-Intermediate student in few months. My target is to achieve the highest level!

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  • Giulia Brusco

    Hi, I’m Giulia. I’ve been studying at The Globe Academy for two years and I’m very happy with the progress I made. The Globe Academy is a perfect school where I started to learn English.
    The lessons are face to face with the teacher or with two other people, there are a lot of activities with other students, you learn and you have fun!
    The teachers are very professional and available to the students.
    I’m very busy, but no problem because I can choose the day and the time I want my lessons!

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  • Gabriela Zavati

    I really love English and when I was a girl I knew by hart all of the songs of THE BEATLES with nearly perfect pronunciation, but I ignored the meaning of the words, but now it’s better having studied a bit.
    It’s true that children learn a foreign language more easily, their brains are like sponges, able to absorb “knowledge” in a very surprising way, but as adults we should never say “I’m too old to study”. We often hear:”I’m good at grammar, but I can’t memorize words”, at this point I can recommend a Latin proverb:”Repetitio est mater studiorum”, if you make mistakes, do nothing, they’re part of learning, the errors aren’t stumbling blocks, but the bridge that takes us forward.

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  • Danny Pescara

    Hi, I’m Danny,
    First, thanks to all of you, six months ago, because of my job, I began my English course with The Globe Academy, and I found some nice people.
    At the beginning I was afraid not to be able to learn English, but after some lessons I understood that a new world was there for me....... in fact the whole planet speaks English. I still have some difficulties in speaking, but now when I listen to it, and I read it I understand English without problems, thanks to the GLOBE ACADEMY.

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  • Daniele Mattioli

    I’m Daniele and I’m 11. I’m studying English at “The Globe Academy”.
    I like this school because there are funny people: Adriana, Elisa, Sara, and my teacher Lina is very funny too.
    I go to “the Globe Academy” because I want to learn English because is a gorgeous language.

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  • Daniela Loi

    I have been studying English for a very long time, since I was a child, but this is the first time I can really speak English (I suppose!)
    I decided to attend the Globe academy because of my laziness, because I didn’t want to go too far to have lessons.
    I am very lucky because I have found a very serious school with a fantastic staff and a very effective learning method. I have met some fantastic friends too, and we always spend funny time during coin activities.
    I hope to reach the top doing all the levels they offer in the school. God save the Globe Academy!

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  • Cristiana Coltellacci

    Hello people,
    I’m Cristiana and I’m studying English for the school.
    I love “The Globe Academy” because the teachers are very good and the school is very very very nice! I started last July with Alessandra and now I’m in the group with three other fantastic students, and teacher Lina!!!!!! :-) Now, I don’’t know what to write....so bye bye to everybody!!!!!!!!!
    With love

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  • Carlo Diecetti

    I needed to study English because it was essential for my job and when I travelled. Moreover, if you want to talk to other people who don’t speak your language, you have to know English to be able to communicate with them.
    One day I was listening to the radio and I heard an advertisement about a new English school near the place where I live. So I enrolled for one of the English courses and I found it very interesting.

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  • Alessio Petrungaro

    Hi there,
    My name is Alessio and I’m twenty years old. I’ve been studying at “The Globe Academy” for about nine months. What brought men here? Simple: my deep interest for foreign languages and cultures and, above all, my love for English. At the end of the high-school, I found myself with quite good knowledge of English, but fearing I would lose it in the long run. So, while surfing through the internet looking for a good school of English, I came across the nice purple-coloured site of “The Globe Academy” and it immediately caught my eye.

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